Car Rental Tips for the First Time Traveler

Renting a car is an important step when traveling abroad. Read our tips on what to consider before renting a car.

When planning for a trip, there are many things to think about, especially when choosing a vehicle. Here we share some helpful information on how to rent a car in Dubai.

Know the Rules.

Before you go, make sure you know the rules of the road. You should also familiarize yourself with the local driving laws and regulations. If you are not familiar with the area, ask your rental company for advice.

Choose the Right Type of Vehicle.

There are three main categories of vehicles available for rent: compact cars, mid-size cars, and Luxury cars. Compact cars are usually small and easy to maneuver. Mid-size cars are larger than compact cars, but still smaller than full-sized vehicles. Luxury cars are typically higher in price and offer more comfort level.

Check the Insurance Coverage.

Before you rent a vehicle, make sure you understand the insurance coverage included with the rental agreement. You should also check whether there are any additional charges for using the rental car. If you plan to use the car for more than one day, ask the rental company about daily rates.

Be Prepared for Emergencies.

Make sure you have enough cash to pay for gas, tolls, parking fees, and other expenses while driving. Also, keep a copy of your driver’s license and credit card handy.

Don’t Forget About Roadside Assistance.

If you need roadside assistance, make sure you call your insurance company first. They will tell you whether you should use your own vehicle or take another one. You might also need to contact your rental agency to see if they offer roadside assistance.

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